Vanishing Patch Disease

I walked the course this morning to check for frost in the ground. The 'Noonies' informed me yesterday afternoon that they could stick a tee in the ground everywhere and hinted that the greens might be ready to open. I found frost in every green and some of the tees as well. In fact every cup in the green still had ice in it(see picture). 
I took pictures in the morning of what looked like a patch disease. One that I could not say I recognised or should be growing this time of year. I first noticed it on three and then on four it was shocking. Maybe 15-20 of them and looking very ominous.


single patch close up

This afternoon I did a quick loop to check on the golfers and pull a sample from four green to potentially send off to a lab to be tested. I thought i would take some other pictures with the sun a little higher maybe they would show up better. They were all but gone! I could still make them out but very faint. As I said in the text to my friend in the morning with the original finding 'this is why you do not go out on the course in February. He is off-island and dealing with 2 inches of ice underneath 5-6 inches of snow on his greens. I have the sample in my office in a plastic baggie incubating to see what grows as it warms up. I'll keep you posted.
darker areas show up in picture but patch characteristic is gone

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