Winter Work

There have been many little projects done as part of our off-season work that have escaped my posting. Kevin took advantage of the shop being open this week with Will's vacation and painted the ball washers. It takes a bit of work as they all have to be disassembled, cleaned and prepped before painting. The work-shop is the only heated place we have to accomplish this work so we usually time it for when Will is away.

Mike washing the trash cans

Ball washer pieces/parts
 Being vacation week we also pulled in Mike for a little help getting things ready for the season. Next in the prep area will be flag sticks and then tee markers. Also throughout the year we fill potholes on the roads. Depending how bad they are we use 1-3 or more dump truck loads of material. It is truly amazing how fast the roads can breakdown and how the potholes form in the same area regardless of what material we use to fill them.

road crew

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