Spring Snow and a visit to one of the best courses in New England

It is not uncommon to get a few flakes in the Spring. Such was the case this week. It did not last long but is always a reminder that we are not over the hump for good weather yet.

9th hole Monday

1st hole Monday People actually tried to sled and built a sad little snow man

1st hole 24 hrs later on Tuesday

Cheryl and I went to New Haven to visit our son Josh and catch a show at his theater. We also had a blast playing the Golf Club at Yale. I sent Scott an email saying I promised not to judge since none of us wants guests this time of year. He said they just opened that Friday and we would have to walk. No problem we said. Really steep hills there but worth the effort. Here is an article I just received on the Superintendent: Scott Ramsay, CGCS and his involvement in the politics of our industry.

Cheryl teeing one up

9th with the famous ridge in the middle
Loved this hole especially the bunker on the left

cannot even see the sand from the fairway

sand goes right to the ledge.... so cool

So many great holes. Lots of movement and elevation

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