Lots of recovery and the lab results are back

We have some crows poking lots of holes on 9 and 6. They are not doing much damage but the question is what are they going after?
crow damage 9 Fwy
I returned to the Island after attending the local conference and show put on by the New England Regional Turfgrass Foundation. I have been on this board as a representative for the Cape Superintendents Association for several years. Currently I am President so it was an interesting show with added responsibility. Always up for a challenge I embraced this time and had a great show. I was even fortunate to introduce the keynote speaker John Dennis. Formerly of channel 7 Boston and currently WEEI sports radio and The Dennis Callahan Show

Me and John Dennis after his speech
Upon my return Thursday I walked the course w/ Bert of course and saw a marked improvement in the cold temp injury areas. I also noticed how clean the place is. Will and Chris have done a great job getting ready for another great season
8 Green Thursday

8 Approach Thursday
8 Fwy Thursday

9 Fwy Friday

Folk Art 8 Fwy Friday

From Dr. Mitkowski at URI who looked at our samples last week:

"Very good recovery over the weekend.  The dead leaves are dead but plants very healthy and new leaves produced almost immediately.  These have had 24 hour light and 75 degree temps."

These plugs were solid yellow and ugly went i sent them in so great news. Of course it has been cold this week and it is snowing as I type this so recovery will not be this rapid. Forecast is good for next week and the grackles and red wing blackbirds have returned so Spring is upon us.

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