Winter Injury Update

Chris and I went to a seminar this week and I showed the pictures to a few peers and it seems we are not alone with this malady. A course out on Cape Cod has a similar look in the rough and another in Middletown RI confirmed the same odd patterns. I also saw some on Woods Hole GC on the way back to the boat. Misery loves company. The other good news is the plugs I brought into my office on Monday had greened up by Wednesday morning. Not a guarantee that every inch of the afflicted turf will do the same but it appears to prove that the damage is superficial. It should grow out of it when the weather cooperates. We had rain and 60 degrees so that was a good start. Of course it is 34 right now so who knows how much progress we are making. I sent off some samples to the lab at URI where they will check it for disease and hopefully confirm my diagnosis of cold temperature injury. My guess is that we were so warm at times this winter that the plants started to break dormancy. Once they begin to grow a little and lose the antifreeze they build up inside their cells they are susceptible to cold temperatures. Not much we can do to change the weather. By the time most of you return this should be a distant memory.

plugs in office after 2 days

8 fwy Thursday morning looking greener?

8 fwy Lots of green showing

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