The Flu is no joke

Upon returning home from the Golf Industry Show I came down with my second bout of the flu this winter. Bad luck? The weather was perfect in San Diego and down right rude here in the single digits. The trip was great even though I was not named as TurfNet's Superintendent of the Year. I played two rounds of golf, avoided yet another blizzard, and had a great time networking with peers from all over the globe. Attending conferences is always an exciting time whether it is attending seminars, seeing old friends or meeting new ones it provides you the opportunity to see the latest in equipment upgrades as well as new products and devices. A few highlights from the show:
Sticky wet snow. Cape Cod
Never made it to Righter's Memorial Mass. Not the best way to start a weekend

First few holes in the canyon were chilly riding a cart

Missed this by a week. thank goodness

Actually a great lie

rubber match went to the US. 

SOY presentation to begin in the Syngenta booth

Another company had a Twiiter contest where you tweeted the name of your mentor

TurfNet Stalwarts Kevin Ross and Dave Wilber aka Turfgrass Zealot

Returned to single digits and ice on the jetties and piers
I am in the office today getting some work done such as updating this blog, sending some thank-you notes etc but still feeling the affects of this bug. I am resolved not to shake a single person's hand at the next conference. Probably won't happen but...
We are snow free at the moment and open for play. Chris and Will have cleaned up all the debris from the latest storm as we prepare for the next. As you can see from the pictures above we did not have anywhere near the damage Torrey Pines did. If you ever get a chance to play a course right after a professional tournament do yourself a favor and wait until they mow the rough. It was un-playable and all anyone talked about. Not for amateur consumption. A few links for those interested in seeing more about the GIS or the TurfNet SOY presentation: overall coverage of GIS by the TurfNet team scroll back far enough and you will find the podcast with yours truly. native New Englander now in Colorado Video of SOY presentation:

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