Another busy week here with construction. The tees are basically done except for a few touch up items. The filling in of four green side bunker is complete. The face was sodded with the existing sod that came off it and the rest will be here Monday. We had more rain this week which will help all the new sod to survive. The leaves are becoming a pain and with both rough mowers going down it has been a challenge to keep up. The 40 mph winds have not helped either. We did manage to get the drain at the beginning of 4 fairway fixed this week also. A few hours on the roads filling potholes was long over due so maybe a blessing we did not have mowers to mulch leaves or sod to wrap up the open projects. Until next time...
4 bunker is no more

we sodded the face with stuff we saved when stripping it. Rest is on order

new forward tee on 9 complete except for edges

expanded tee on 8 complete

New forward tee on 8 

improved drain 4 fairway. 9 feet deep

drain 4 fairway

almost had enough left over sod from tee tops

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