Fall construction update

It has been a very busy and productive two weeks since returning from vacation. The pictures below show three new forward tees ready for tee top sod. The first is on number 9 at the bottom of the cart path. This will be the new red tee and allow those players to have variation from front to back. The next is the old red tee on 8 which has been expanded in size. This will now be the red/white and green tee. The last is a new forward tee on 8 which will become the front nine red tee. The old back nine tee just off the cart path where we had red/white, green and green/white markers will now only have green/white markers. Should make a big difference for all those players.

new 9 tee

Expanded forward tee on 8

New forward tee on 8
The sod for all the tee banks was used from either the expansion of the tee on 8 or the stripping of the bunker on 4. We purchased the tee top sod and it will arrive Monday. Speaking of the 4th green side bunker it has needed a face lift for a couple of seasons. The sand gets blasted up onto the face and then the face grows and eventually a lip is created as you can see in the picture. We will not, however, be doing a face lift or repair but actually an elimination of this bunker. It has already created mixed feelings as some will not miss it and some will. I work as directed and will do my best to create a nice feature here. Although since I have never done this before I cannot say exactly what it will look like.
right green side bunker on 4

4 bunker almost stripped

4 bunker ready to be filled in

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  1. I've always felt that having both the tree and bunker were overly punitive on such a long hole where you're hitting a long iron and not just a wedge to the green. I was always thinking the tree would go, but this is also a reasonable solution. Looking forward to the completion of all the projects--doing a good job.