What happened to September?

Well that was a fast month. I have been derelict in my blogging duties for sure but not much has happened in the last month or so. We successfully aerified greens, collars and a few tees. We even punched a few weak fairway spots. It rained once. Seems to be the norm now: one rain event a month. The weather for outdoor activity has been crazy. I would almost say perfect: warm, sunny very summer like. The course has been busy so I assume most of you have been able to play. We continue to battle the drought and salt water intrusion. The cool nights in the last week have at least slowed the need to water. I will let the place get a little brown if I have to and trust me it will start raining soon. I figure as soon as I start construction on a couple forward tees.

                      "It rained Once"

The plan is to enlarge the forward tee on number 8 to make it easier to manage and also allow us to move the green tees up to it. We will also add another forward tee to the right of the existing one to move the red/whites up to that tee. We were able to help our contractor out by taking delivery of some fill. This was placed right next to where we will construct a new forward tee on 9. This will allow us to give the forward tees variation from front to back. We will also be tinkering with a couple of green side bunkers. An ambitious bit of Fall construction to tackle in-house but we are always up for a challenge. There may be some temporary modifications to the tee markers etc while we do this work so your patience and understanding is appreciated in advance.
As we wind down the season take advantage of the many tournament opportunities and play the course. Summer is over and it is time to get off the hamster wheel of company and entertaining or whatever else that makes you feel like the fishes in the video.

I had to go to the beach yesterday to check tides in preparation of  a regulator visit today. The association has filed permits to dredge some old mosquito trenches. Hopefully it happens and next year we will have little to no mosquitoes on the course. I was mesmerized by the fishes going round and round.

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