End of August update - reminder Greens Aerifying 9/8

It was wonderful to have the humidity break finally. Seemed like a month rather than a week or so of hot sticky weather. The forecast is for a couple more days then the humidity returns and I am hearing September will be warmer than normal. Should make for some great golfing. The course has held up OK this season. We have a few lumps to repair and a bit of dry weather stress that needs more rain to recover but all in all it is still playing very nicely. I will apply a gypsum application to help flush the salinity build up from the summer's irrigating. This will help firm up the surface and help us drain a little better. When the salt builds up at the surface it really messes with the physical properties of the soil. Think of your salt shaker in summer time where the grains are all stuck together and will not flow out through the little holes in the top. Soil particles do the same thing and the surface gets squishy and soft. This will hamper water flow and seal off the surface. With the intrusion into our well it is a constant issue we have to deal with much like sugar levels as a diabetic. And sometimes we simply have to apply gypsum as a corrective measure. We finally get a few rain events and they turn the place into quicksand. It makes the divots and ball marks worse and easier for carts and mowers to do damage while driving around. Of course you can still always replace your divot and repair your ball mark unlike the pictures below:

Crazy amount of abuse going on lately. Big divots and none being replaced. We do not have the time to follow every golfer and clean up after them.

With the recent rains the greens are soft and the number of ball marks increase. Sadly they also do not seem to be getting repaired either. Remember the proper way is to pull the good grass into the middle. Do NOT pry up from the bottom as you see most PGA tour pros do. What the heck do they know about turf maintenance anyway?
water just sitting on the surface 1 fwy
Bert is enjoying the poor drainage at least

We have been seeing a lot of deer on the property lately. It has become a daily occurrence and not just the same group either. Not sure what that means but if the Farmer's Almanac prediction of a "snowy and bitter cold" winter is to be believed maybe they are fattening up in preparation?

Mother and daughter on 1 fwy Cousin on 3 fwy below on the same morning

She was here early when we hosed the dew and stayed for at least an hour munching

We are just a little over a week away from our greens aerifying on Tuesday September 8th. Greens will be closed all day for this procedure. Thank-you for your patience while we perform this necessary task.

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