Officially Summer

The season is upon us. If the weather has not been an indication certainly the traffic this last week should be and the tournament schedule is also a good indicator. Many great events so far with many to come. Chet and his staff are doing a wonderful job as these events seem to be stacked on top of each other. The drought of May .45" was erased with the month of June having over 4" and July started with a bang as you will see below. The course is magnificent. It almost hurts to type it. Superintendents by nature do not compliment their own work probably since we are always looking for the bad stuff and trying to make them better. Or we are afraid of Murphy and his laws and would never dream of jinxing ourselves. Sure there are issues out there and sure I would like them to be better but tee to green the place is solid and playing really well. There I said it. What could happen: a rain event with 1.17" in 15 minutes? A total of 2.26" in 90 minutes? That happened on Wednesday here is some of the proof:
2 bursts . the 1st missed lower half of island

main walkway washout

rack line 7 bunker
Waste area on 4. old white sand blown out of bunker years ago washed from grass back into bunker

first fairway during second wave

The video above was in between the two bursts we received. I shot it on my way up to clubhouse. A few paths washed out as well as a few bunkers but overall not too bad. We opened at 12 for walkers and it turned out to be a nice afternoon.

The website and on-line community Turfnet that I am a member of is having a video contest to discuss Smart Water Management. This was my first attempt at actually putting together a movie:

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