Monotony- the good kind

From Webster's on-line: Monotony Noun 1. The quality of wearisome constancy, routine, and lack of variety; "he had never grown accustomed to the monotony of his work"
It is that time of year where we are simply trying to survive the summer weather and deal with the play we get this time of year. It can seem monotonous at times but that is the nature of property management. It seems odd to be starting off a post like this on a day where we have had a few showers that were not predicted. It has thrown a monkey wrench into the tee sheet and gives me a headache to think it might have hampered the sprays I put out this morning. Not the break in routine I was looking for, neither was the 24 hr bug I caught over the weekend which made me withdraw from the club championship. Oh well, the planned disruption of heading to my first UMass field day in South Deerfield on Wednesday will be a welcomed change in routine.
Things around here are going OK by all accounts. We survived the club championships and the course continues to behave, for the most part. As I mentioned it continues to rain here and there so not a lot to complain about.
The point of the title is that after three years of weekly blog posts I felt as though I was starting to repeat myself and who wants to be that guy. Certainly the etiquette message of rake the bunkers, fix your ball mark and replace your divot bares repeating over and over but even that gets old. I will add an article done recently about one of our employees which is interesting and inspirational and also a few pics from over the last few weeks that I posted on Twitter. My page is @22crowther if you wish to follow and see more regular updates.

Chris Welch and his life as a Spartan: HERE

Full Moon 6/15 greens

Sunrise 9
sunrise with water 1
Blooming Roses 4 tee

Fog/Mist and dew 4

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