Welcome to Winter and a trip down memory lane

Where to start with an update since the last post? New England Regional Turfgrass Conference and Show where I spent the week of a blizzard named Juno? The blizzard itself? The .7" of rain we received yesterday on top of all that snow? The Superbowl? The fact that the Bruins are actually hot again? Certainly a lot has happened in the last 17 days. The blizzard dumped around 2 feet of snow that drifted like mad. Will & Chris logged a ton of hours but managed to keep up and the roads were some of the best around. Unfortunately after yesterdays rain they are now covered in inches of ice. while trying to write this post I was reminded of a few years ago when we had a similar situation. Here is how we dealt with it then and now:past blog post
lower handicap ramp
time lapse from my wife of the second story deck
beach erosion. taller then Bert

Beach erosion
 There are very few patches of course clear of snow. I have not walked on it today but imagine after the rain the surface of the snow is frozen solid and will support someones weight? Eventually it will look more like the pictures in the following posts from the past: Archives The "snow vs rain" posts had some good thoughts that are very relevant to the conditions we are under right now. I have given you all plenty to read so I will skip the sports talk and save the discussion of the NERTCS for a later post. Reflecting back and creating this post makes me think the more things change the more they stay the same.

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