Snow vs Rain yet again

We received 1.33 inches of rain in the last day and a half along with a couple inches of snow. A lot of the ice/snow on the course washed away so there are peaks of grass but there is plenty of ice and puddles left.

first green when the rain stopped wed afternoon

The high yesterday was 51 or 52 and the low last night 24. Needless to say a lot of crappy roads and driveways this morning. High today 30. yesterday we put the spinner topdresser back on the workman in preparation of a ton of ice after this latest rain event. Tuesday we had a load of sand delivered and we put a tarp over it to keep it dry. So this morning Will and I went out early and sanded every one's driveway and a few really bad roads. We called in the town and Kevin drove with them to tackle the rest of the bad spots.

Connie's way in front of sand application

Connie's way behind sand application

Will applying sand to yard of the Turf Maint. Facility, solid ice

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