Blizzard re-cap

We survived another big storm. The drifting prolonged the cleanup since it blew hard for two days. As I type this Tuesday morning it is snowing again with Cape & Islands forecasted for 2-5 more. We have not even finished clearing road drains and fire hydrants yet.
pre storm the snow was finally hard enough to play fetch on - 1 fwy
cyclone from space taken off the Internet- massive storm
Just before the storm came in Sunday morning I went to the beach with Bert to see the tide.
Sunday night after storm 6/15 greens
Same time as sunset above I took this video of road by 8 tee. This is where the fun began. I made a loop at 5 pm & 8 pm then started again at 3 AM Monday with the temp at 1 in the truck.
Drift Art

Drift Art
Drift Art

Supposed to be a road - still art but....
supposed to be a driveway "Before"

Waist high drifts

Bert high drifts

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