Another Blizzard?

Well here we go again. We have dodged most of the snow that Boston has been getting. It is not fun out here and I will explain that next, but first I will let you read this link which explains this weekend's forecast: ANOTHER BLOCKBUSTER

sunset first hole
As you can see in the pictures we are still snow covered. The blizzard from 1/27 is still with us. It created an ice layer on the roads from snow pack and the .7" of rain afterwards added to this. The paved roads around the island are fine but all secondary roads and driveways are pretty rough. We have called in to the town for sanding and they have come a few times but it did not make a dent in the ice. Our weather has been dreary with little sunshine and when it does come out it is usually on the days the temps are below freezing so little melting has occurred.

7 green
We spend our days chasing off the geese who are desperate to find any open ground and something to eat. We have also sanded the roads and driveways in here twice using our greens topdresser. It takes two full days to do the 4+ miles of roads and 30 some odd driveways using at least 40 tons of sand. Basically a seasons worth of material and time that we would put on the golf course aerifications. The issue has been when Boston is getting dumped on we are getting just enough to mess up our sanding. Many little coatings day after day.

Before the dusting of snow
After & the next ice layer 

Our biggest concern about the roads is being able to get enough traction to plow the next storm. Each time they predict plowable amounts and then it ends up missing us. Better than getting hit every time like Boston has and making headlines every day trying to deal with all that snow.

For those of you stuck out here with us here are a couple of pics I know you are dying to see: first mowing of the season

Chris cutting greens for the first time

Cannot Wait - First mowing of the season

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