Back to Back storms

The second Nor Easter this past weekend had plenty of trick and certainly was no treat. It had all the right features: high wind and surf, power outages, lots of rain, temperature fluctuations as it swirled around hitting us in waves over a three day period. I had enough snow to turn parts of my yard white on the cape. Off- cape they received over an inch and if in the shade it lasted all day. The mountains of NE received several inches. Total rainfall here was approximately 2 inches. The event brought down limbs, leaves and sticks. Even a few trees. The storm also finished off the roof of the hoop house we use for additional storage. The tarp is in pieces all over the place as the winds ripped it into pieces. It took all hands on Monday and most of Tuesday to get the place back to normal. We are still picking up debris from this storm on the edges of the property. Yesterday we received another inch of rain so the course is quite soggy which hampers our efforts to get it cleaned up.
1 of  several trees down from the storm

sticks are the worst. we need to prune all our trees

lots of hand labor to clean up this type of storm

oak full of ants just waiting to fall

debris cleanup continues 5 days later
Needless to say the storm clean up and another rainy day delayed our greens aerification. All the work to get the course cleaned up also makes the idea of picking up plugs very un appealing indeed. Next week has a holiday and more rain predicted so it may be that we simply spike the greens and topdress them. The timing will be as soon as we can schedule it in. We closed the bathrooms this week and more of our winter preparations will continue. We are certainly paying for a perfect dry summer season right now with cold dreary rain days at least once a week. Better than snow I guess.

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