Where did October go?

The Fall seems to be flying by. The weather is still misbehaving with some great days then real cold then rain and back again. No definitive pattern to speak of. We just wrapped up a Nor'Easter (click on the blue link for a definition if not familiar) that dumped inches of rain on parts of New England and was supposed to hit us as well. You will see from some of the pictures it missed us most of the three days (typical duration). Our total for the storm was .58". The total so far in Oct is 3.92" which is way above the last two Octobers but still below the 19 yr avg of 4.07". Our deficit for the year is still substantial.
9th hole looking towards tee Tuesday afternoon

full sun late Wednesday afternoon
After one of the rain events last week I ran out and graded Golf Club Road. As a few of you zoomed past me I decided to take a picture as I worked up a great post titled "I need your help". I was going to explain how me and my staff feel punished for doing a good job. This is true for roads and many parts of the course. Before we took over road maintenance the roads were in really bad shape in between gradings. This led to inconsistency and lots of complaints, least of all from my lovely spouse. Since then the roads are more consistent and some of the best on the island. Now our biggest complaint is speed. This is where it feels like we are being punished for doing a good job. We have speed bumps and speed limit signs yet most people are going much faster than the 15 mph limit. This creates the washboard or ripple in the road and adds more work for us to repair. It creates a hazard for the many walkers, joggers, children and pets who use the road also. I am asking you to become aware of how fast you drive around the property and make a conscious effort to step it down a notch. I know traffic can be a bear in the summer and everyone is always in a rush but it will improve your golfing experience and even your entire day if when you turn onto the dirt road you ease back, take a few deep breaths and relax.
road repairs on Golf Club Road
The similar course feelings are unrepaired ball marks, unraked bunkers, divots not repaired or filled. We work hard everyday to try and give you the best course we can and then people cannot take the time to follow the etiquette of the game and repair their own ball mark etc. I need your help to slow down when driving and to rake the footprint you made in the bunker.

4th hole during the cold snap recently. heavy dew and fog settling down

Smurf village

family of White Tailed Deer crossing 4th hole
The next set is from Thursday morning on the last day of the Nor'Easter that was supposed to dump inches of rain on us but thankfully missed us most of the time:
Freight boat coming in

Sunrise Shenandoah

Looking over VH harbor towards the club and West Chop

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