Prognostications and a visit with an old friend

I guess my career in predicting weather is over. If you remember I posted my personal rain records which showed we were way behind this year and predicted we would get a ton of rain in September to catch up. Well we did get rain finally but not enough to even things up. I updated the spreadsheet and as you can see we did get more this September then last but the total  for April thru Sept. is well below any other year.
A-Sept 12.65" this year vs 22.58" for 19/yr avg
So again the numbers do not lie and yesterday's weather proves my point. We are in the soup. The weather pattern has changed and we are starting to get more rain. We have more in the first couple of days of Oct this year than we did for the entire month last year. Maybe this month will be the one to catch up?

For those of you reading this you may have been fortunate to either travel away from the coast or be away from the coast already. I know what you will be thinking as you read my account of yesterday, "That is a long way to go for a round of golf" and I agree, but it was worth it. We had attempted to play on Wednesday but moved to Friday due to rain. Good thing because it rained hard and even though the forecast was for clearing skies Thursday and Friday it never happened along the coast. It was spectacular however inland where we went. Connie O'Doherty was a member of a club outside of Hartford called Ellington Ridge CC back in the 80's. He still has stock and can play the course. He raves about the place often reminiscing about his time there and so decided to put a foursome together and make the trip. It is a little over two hours from Woods Hole and about the same from Saratoga Springs NY where our old friend and former member Mark Yale lives. He rounded out the group and we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day and a fine golf course. We were stunned as we headed back to see this cloud cover and wet roads. The temperature gauge plummeted and the realization hit that the lousy weather never left this area. It was a long day and the course was tough but the company and weather was great.
Getting ready for another NY winter with a full beard going Mark Yale

not really our thing here but some stunning flowers on most tee boxes
 Things here are about the same. We continue to try and repair some of the weak areas on the course, mostly rough, and prep the course for Winter. The acorns are falling as well as the leaves in a few spots. We are wrapping up the Charity tournaments with Big Brothers/Sisters this weekend. Last week we had the Tisbury fire fighters and I just had to take a picture of their golf cart. It was painted the same color as the trucks and had chrome hose hook ups, an axe and ladder. Pretty cool.
pictures do not do it justice

They used it to put out the hole sponsor signs

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