Glorious Rain

We finally received a decent rain event. Not quite the predicted 1-2" but a solid .85" that was the perfect type being slow and steady over a long period. This is just what we needed to start the recovery of the dry areas. It will help with the salt water intrusion in our well which has also been at an all time high. Other than affecting our abilities to keep a green course the weather has been stellar. Perfect warm sunny days and cool nights.
Woods Hole sunset after a great day playing Fall River CC
The weeks are flying by and the golf season is closing in on us. We have managed our green and now tee aerifying. We will begin to punch some of the abused areas of the course mainly rough. These areas are on the edge of the irrigation coverage and so have been dormant for weeks and need a little love to get them back. Now that we are starting to get some rainfall we might see some germination and recovery in these areas.
interesting sunrise sky 5 green

6th hole
Some of you may have wondered what the odd green pattern is on the first green. When we aerified I applied a fertilizer and had trouble with the spreader in the beginning. It was not coming out quite right and so this is actually a miss-application. Don't tell the fertilizer police. It actually shows how little we use since the rest of the green is no where near this color or density.
fertilizer spill on one green

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