Update - random happenings around the property

I guess the title could be used most weeks as that is what I do with this blog is inform people about what we are doing on the property. Sometimes it can be specific but often it covers whatever is going on that week. I often use pictures because they tell a story all by themselves.
Me covered in dust, prep work for mounting mailboxes on new frame
 The most noteworthy event of the week was rain. This was much needed. We were starting to look like august in the areas that do not have adequate sprinkler coverage and even in the well covered areas. We began to see a high level of salt water contamination in our well also. Hopefully we continue to get the odd rain event because that was starting to be worrisome this early in the year. Sorry it had to spoil the Ladies opening day.
Murph mounting the boards to mailboxes
before construction of new stand
I never took a picture of the finished product but it looks very similar to the stand we built at the end of the club entrance a couple of months ago. These boxes are all black though so look a bit more uniform now. Both entrances have had a bit of a face lift with these boxes all placed on single frames. There was a bit of wildlife around the property this week. Chris witnessed not one but two squirrels being caught and eaten by red-tailed hawks in the same day. I saved a salamander from being rolled today and the deer and turkeys continue to roam around like they own the place.
3 toms struttin their stuff for the ladies

two deer on first fairway

oak tassels continue to make a mess

Lady Slippers could be seen everywhere

had to take a picture of a truck on Bigelow road from Bigelow Nurseries

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