Coping with tragedy

I have been doing a weekly update since December of 2010 and have missed very few posts since then. I thought a lot about what to post last week and never felt that I could do justice to what the tragic death of Pat Gregory means to everyone at the club. I have to begin posting again but cannot say a word about the course without mentioning the great loss we all feel. I can say that his memorial service at the Ag hall was amazing and a fitting tribute in every way. Pat had been a stalwart at the club playing year round in all types of weather, always with a smile on his face. He had been involved with our computers and systems for years but only recently joined the board. He was very reserved studying his way through his first year waiting until he had a firm grasp before jumping in with his opinions and ideas for improvement. He started us on our automated tee-time reservation system and it is our challenge to see it through to his measure without him. He was instrumental in the use of constant contact to keep people informed. He was working on many things and looking forward to doing anything he could to improve the club he so loved. He would have done many great things. He was an inspiration to anyone who knew him. To say the place will forever have a void is an understatement. It is more like a vortex.
Sunrise fog over Mink Meadows pond
It has been interesting to hear every one's stories about Pat and to share in their shock and sadness. We are all seeing him around the property only to be forced back into reality when we realize it is only our mind playing tricks on us. I imagine that will continue for quite some time.

The course continues to take on its summer form. The seed heads, pollen, and tassels are almost gone and the fescue is up and waving with every breeze. The overall mood may be somber here, but it is hard not to smile and enjoy the day especially when the weather cooperates. And even on the foul days there are a few who like Pat would not let that spoil a good round of golf. We will continue to enjoy the property; continue to try and improve in any way we can and we will always remember Francis Patrick Gregory.

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