Happy New Year

We are in the throes of a winter storm here. Not as bad as some areas in NE. My best guess is 8-12" of snow fell. Why such a range you ask? Well it was a dry fluffy snow and it is very windy so it is blowing all around and drifting. I have several windows that are drifted over and the roof of the cart barn is empty so it was hard to gauge. Not a huge storm by my account and do not think we have had any power outages on the island. Here are some pictures of the storm:
Chris doing driveways with the bobcat

Main street VH bare - drifts over 2 feet

close up of Main Street drifts

deck door with drift up against

honey what happened to the signal

cart barn roof with no snow as well as edge of tee

Bert playing while I shovel stairs

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