life at the beach and vista clearing

Last week it was winter is here. As I write this it is in the 50's, breezy and a great day for golf. I walked the course early and as I expected was able to open every green except 3,4 and 9. These greens have the most shade and so freeze first and thaw last. 9 does not have any frost but was very wet. It has the best chance to be opened later in the day. The others still have frost so will need time to melt and then dry out. 2 was a bit wet this morning but I figured by the time anyone gets on it it should be firming up. So happy days here for those who enjoy getting out of the house during winter. We did receive some snow this week but it warmed up and turned to rain and then froze and made ice everywhere the next morning. The roller coaster weather continues right up until the end.
Another large oak on property falling victim to wasp and old age

quite the gap without the old girl

she did have her problems besides the wasp damage

9 green with ice after snow/rain event froze overnight
 We had island timber in this week doing a little tree removal and topping for a landowners view. The trees were mostly between the parking lot and the last house on the right as you enter. It was approximately 10 pines and 6 oaks were topped. This did enhance our view from the deck to the pond and sound beyond. We began cleaning up the edges of the parking lot to gain back some of the area we lost due to scrub growth. This should help alleviate some of our parking lot issues in the summer. It really is not getting bigger so we still will have a shortage of spaces but hopefully a bit more room to maneuver around. While the tree company was here they took advantage and removed a large oak in our turf maintenance yard. It was right in the entrance and over wires and the gas pump so it needed to come down in small pieces from above. We danced all around this thing a couple of years ago when we expanded the yard to include the new materials storage bins and it really became an obstacle as you entered the area. It produced about 1/3 of its leaves this year and showed signs of wasp infestation so it was not going to make it next season. Unfortunately like the one on the 8th green many of our stately oaks are not able to withstand the insect pressures being put upon them year after year. We had gypsy moths, eastern tent caterpillars, winter moths, and now the insipid wasp. At their advanced age and potential ill health any more stress and they are checking out. We will have many more this coming season. As you can see in the picture it was also filled with ants  and hollow in the center the same as the one on 8.

Will Warner installing a door in the clubhouse

topping oaks at parking lot entrance in a snow squall
winter beach cut to keep the channel open
I will update the beach page with more pictures of the work we did this week. Enjoy the Holidays I will be heading to Vermont to see family and enjoy the snow. Back to MV for New Years.

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