Full Swing?

I was derelict in my regular Friday posting last week of the goings on around the property. Must have been that taste of summer and temperatures in the 80's. It could also have been my hasty departure from the island in the afternoon and spending most of the weekend driving to and from New Jersey. Talk about summer temps, it was in the mid to high 90's which made the trip all the more pleasant. We appear to be getting timely rains this season so far which is always nice. It never seems to be perfect timing to take advantage of watering in applications or top dressing until today. The sprayer broke so that salt flush application still sits in the sprayer waiting for parts but I did get out a light topdressing in one of the windows. I hope to be on a new light application program of at least every other week this summer. This additional topdressing will help keep the greens consistent in ball roll, firmness, speed and also help control thatch and organic matter build up at the surface. Speaking of programs we have been tinkering with herbicides in the tall grass areas to make them more playable. These applications hopefully remove unwanted grass species and other weeds like poison ivy. This should all help to thin the stand and make finding and playing a ball easier. What this rain will do to the density of that grass is another matter and only time will tell if the stand is thin and wispy as desired or thick and punishing. We may mow a few sections this week in hopes that the fescue will put up another seed stalk and be thinner come august.

Many people enjoy seeing pictures from around the property here on the blog so a random set off my phone from the week: I just missed the deer who ran across the 2nd fairway in a sun beam but she has been seen almost daily by many.
Rhodie's were in full bloom last week

caught a double rainbow over the lagoon

pollen building up on rollers. hopefully gone now

NERTF annual mtg at the Longwood Cricket Club, where I was elected Secretary

dark grass is actually caused by a fungus. a large fairy ring
We have our first club tourney behind us and the schedule will be filling up rapidly. Thursday is the ladies opening luncheon and the sign up sheets are in the clubhouse for several others including The Mink our match play tourney. If you have never tried this one you should as it allows for flexibility in when you play since you set it up with your competitor within the allotted time frame of usually a week. Lets hope for continued good weather and timely rains at night.

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