second time is a charm

As we muddle our way through this new tee set up issues are coming up. The latest is that many people had a hard time telling the blue from the green and the blue/white from green/white. So we brought them in and changed the color green to a lighter shade. I hope this solves the problem. The Mass Golf Association came this week to rate the course and is working on setting them up in the computer. The possible combinations are many and so I think to simplify we may keep it to just the normal ones in the computer and then have a list next to the handicap computer for those experimenting with different sets. We also opened the last three remaining new tees this week. Of course the weather has turned for the worse so not many people taking advantage.
old green on right and new on left

couple of Tom's strutting their stuff

reason #125 to hate trees

reason # 126
 While out on the course with, MGA rep, Scott Whitcomb the pollen coming off the pines looked like smoke. The rain Thursday was a welcomed change to our dry pattern as of late. The turf looked pretty good this morning. We managed to get some stuff mowed before it was too wet to get around.
Will and the boys also tackled one of three trees on 8 green/9 tee that did not make it this spring. We are pretty sure they were all involved in a lightning strike a few years back and this would have added to their early demise. They were big trees and one is a specimen oak probably 100 yrs old. A shame but all good things must come to an end.
they are dropping in bunches

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