Construction update

Quick post on the newest forward tee construction update: we started 6 this week. A few normal course tasks, seed head suppression application on greens and tees, bathroom and fountain turn on, irrigation repairs, first fairway mowing, even some divot seeding all took some time away but here is the progress.

view towards back tees of old path with topsoil added. new path sneaking in rt side of picture

more topsoil being added

Will and Chris stripping sod from new tee location

view from far left edge of middle tee. old path 1/4 sodded new path ready for gravel

view is straight down old path. same progress as previous view
We managed to get the new path filled with rap and plate compacted. Today, 4/11 we will finish stripping the new tee of sod and place on the old path and hopefully strip the new tee of topsoil and start adding fill to create tee base. If time is on our side we may even get to adding topsoil to new tee as well. with forecast of rain tomorrow we will certainly be under the gun.

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