Where is Everybody?

We have been closed for quite a stretch now. We seem to be in this storm event every weekend pattern. It will be good to have that now and hopefully not during the season. We were getting close at the end of last week to opening and then more snow on the weekend. Rain early in the week cleared a bunch away but we still have enough around to make playing interesting. Chris and I walked the course on Tuesday morning and it was very wet. Too wet to even want to drive around the course. By noon it had jumped an entire degree to 36 but the wind direction must have shifted because it just did not seem as cold. Of course we were raking up the surrounds of the first green. After lunch I updated the current conditions page while Chris went out to put the flagsticks back on the course (we had taken them in for the blizzard) in the temporary cups. No sooner do I post the opening and my phone rings with a couple of anxious golfers looking to go out and play. So two players over many weeks just seems odd for this place even in Winter.

sunrise on commute Tuesday morning back to MV tip of East Chop on rt

Swans in the pond near p-lot

ski tracks 3 green
No sooner do I post the opening and my phone rings with a couple of anxious golfers looking to go out and play
Chris stuck in snow trying to dump sticks and twigs

Chris picking up sticks and twigs on 1

We continue to plod away keeping ourselves busy while waiting for the weather to break and the course to be capable to work. Chris cleaned up some stump grindings on 9 and began raking up some areas of the course. Will continues to work on the equipment. I loaded up the saw miller this week, his third load from in here this winter I believe. He was thrilled at the size of the haul this time and disappointed that one of them had heart rot and was not usable. The pictures of the pile in the lot do not do these logs justice. Even the ones of them loaded on his trailer cannot give you a true appreciation for how large these trees were that came down.
Easily 20" or better on some of these logs

logs loaded for Saw Miller, Tom Turner
 The Boys are off next week, in fact both have left for Florida already. Will is going down with his family as an annual event during this school vacation time and Chris is competing in a Super Spartan race in Miami with his niece, then spending some R & R recouping. Hopefully with nothing but sore muscles. If you are unfamiliar with the Spartan races check them out HERE it is described as an obstacle race challenge. These are developed by and to simulate Navy Seal and Army Ranger training. This will be Chris's third or fourth and yes he is a little crazy. Best of luck to him and his 26 yr old niece who is competing in her first.

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