What is Normal for weather?

Our wacky weather continues. We get a blizzard and a fair amount of snow 10-15 inches, but warm temps and rain make a sizable dent in that and many parts of the course start appearing. It was warm enough yesterday to eat lunch on the deck and then this morning we have a fresh coating of 3-5 inches. Forecast is for 40's for the next couple of days and possibly more snow over the weekend. You have to be flexible and roll with the punches. It is not hard to want to work outside on days like yesterday and Spring fever is starting to take hold but then you have to scale back and be willing to be stuck inside, after you plow of course. We made some progress on the damage left behind by cutting up the trees and chipping the brush. We also took down a couple of dead pines by the shop. Most places we could chip into the woods on the road side but this was our first attempt to blow chips into the truck. Worked OK but does make a mess as some of it does not stay in the truck and it does not hold all that much without a box to stuff more in.

3rd on Tuesday's melt down- a river runs thru it
final touches on ball washers- sanding the logo

You have to be flexible and roll with the punches

Will taking down dead pines

Yet another pile growing for the Saw Miller

A quick rant on Google: A few weeks back the screen changed and would not allow me to upload pictures from my computer. My normal process was to upload from phone and save on computer and then upload to blog from that file on computer. I started doing an end around by loading them directly from phone to blog using their phone app, but that was cumbersome. To use their blog software and upload from phone they wanted me to join Google+. Almost on cue a few days after joining, the upload from computer section is back. Videos have always been a pain, which is why you do not see them that often. I imagine if I had a google phone things would be seamless but Apple does not work and play well with others. Back to videos, now Google wants me to join You Tube in order to be able to upload them to the blog. Next I get another request to join LinkedIn so I figure what the heck in for a penny in for a pound. If any of you are using social media you can understand the time it takes just to figure out how all these programs work.

A hangout for the uninitiated is basically a video conference that is taped live and broadcast on the Internet through Google+.

One good thing that came out of all this is the introduction to the Google+ "hangout". I did not go to the GCSAA's trade show this year, Golf Industry Show, and was invited to join a "hangout" from Dr. Kaminski of Penn State to discuss the trade show. I thought it would be fun to hear what guys thought who did go. My first try and I could not get the microphone to work. Eventually I will figure out how to post a link to the video but not of me sitting there speechless. Although for those of you who know me maybe you would enjoy seeing me there being tortured by not being able to speak. A hangout for the uninitiated is basically a video conference that is taped live and broadcast on the Internet through Google+. Dr. K facilitates these and has many great topics in the works for the future. The next one 2/19 will be on sub surface irrigation. So for the tech savvy look for me on Google+, or  LinkedIn. I do have a Facebook page but really never use it. Of course a simple old fashioned email is always a good way to communicate also.

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