7:19 PM Friday 2/8/13 as I type this quick update. It started snowing around 9 am with just a coating. I posted a couple pictures under 'current conditions' page throughout the day. I made a pass around the property in the pickup around 4:30 just to see how much was on the ground and to give Bert some exercise before settling him in. It was spotty then with 2-4 or even almost bare under heavy tree cover. I started a loop in the dump truck at 6 and the winds have picked up 39 with gusts of 55 mph. I plowed almost every road and it is not pretty. I had to stop to remove branches or downed trees three times in that first loop. Wanted to post a quick note before the power goes out as random outages are starting to occur. The snow is heavy and wet and sticking to everything. The wind sounds like a freight train. More later...

smaller dead stuff. lets hope it stays that way

first stop not even through one road at this point

Game On!

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