Day one new forward tees

We started in on the construction of new forward tees on the first hole. We laid out the tees with flags and tall stakes. Then we cut the sod and remove it by stacking on pallets. We then remove all the top soil so we can bring in sub soil and shape the tee to approximately 6 inches below grade. this shape will then be approved by the architect and we will add topsoil to finish grade and sod.
Large stakes are marking the 4 corners of the tee

stripping sod

stripping sod and stacking on pallets

tilling. on left you can see it in peels. still a root mass holding it together

Galvanized pipe. Abandoned or live???

tilling soil to make it nice and smooth instead of chunky

loading the topsoil into truck

luckily the divot mix bin was empty. 19 loads approx. 50 tons of topsoil


  1. In house or are you using a contractor?

  2. All in-house. I have an excavating contractor coming this weekend to drop off his equipment to start beach cut next week and will use him to haul some top soil which will save time and my truck and bobcat some wear and tear. Set up site visit with architect for wed.