Day 2 on 1st tee project

We managed to get the forward most tee stripped and all the sod is off to the side on pallets. Seemed to take forever to get a delivery of sand from Goodales but we did put 20 tons into the back tee and get that spread. Not quite to sub grade yet but it is taking shape. We also added more sand to the greens to finish up the aerifying and topdressing of them. Fred wrapped up his season by freezing to death brushing that in and blowing some leaves. As you will see in the pictures not a lot of sun and not sure it hit 40 today so pretty raw. Forecast is good for the next 5 days so hopefully we make hay on this project.
nearest tree roughly 100 feet away yet roots!!!

shaping the sub grade

holes from the spiker. still there several months later

stripping the forward most tee

first load of sand

view form the apt deck

can really see how the grade drops towards the left

Fred Pekari wrapping up another season 20th?

holes all filled on practice green

view from tournament tee

getting more level. ground did not like the big truck much
view from my office. at least 20 pallets of sod removed

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