Face Lift

Well you may have noticed, if you follow the blog regularly, that we made some changes to the page. Peter McCormick, the TurfNet maestro will doctor up member's blogs for them and I had him do some work to this one. I was reluctant at first, in fact he did this months ago and I just now pulled the trigger. I hope you like it.
a snake on golf club road
Dog & Wolf silhouettes to scare deer
You may have noticed the plywood silhouettes on a couple of holes this week. Will put those out after the deer went nuts in a couple of bunkers. an odd set of track we are used to but the complete destruction is another matter. It worked because they seemed to stay away from those holes at least for now.

left not oiled, right oiled

new memorial rocking chairs after oiling

cup before paint prep

cups after prepping for paint

Ryan blowing out the acorns and leaves before raking
working a few bugs out of the new design and some changes google made since my last post so i will end this short and sweet.

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