End of summer

As we wrap up this week we cross over from summer to fall. With the stress to the oaks it has looked like fall for weeks around here. The addition of daily acorns and change in weather add to the fall feel.
acorns on first green

Our player with the anger management issues has peaked again. There was a divot on the 4th green the other day and I have noticed club stabs into the green near the cup on a regular basis for the last several weeks. Figured it was only a matter of time before a full on divot appeared. I used to get furious and take it personnaly but now am happy it does not happen more often. Not sure that bodes well for me or the game and it's current state. Maybe I am getting soft?
divot 4 green
club being stabbed into turf, 9 green
rainbow from pines on left to top right corner
The vast majority of our players are exceptional and occasionally you look up at the right moment as the picture above shows. I was mowing the 8th green and just happened to look up and out at the water and there was a rainbow. It had not rained much that morning just a quick light shower and that was when I was on 4 so never even thought about it. Nice surprise.
The rain this weekend is a bummer for members coming back to the island but we sure could use it. Will add to the viewing of the Ryder Cup and USA has not disappointed so far. Enjoy the rest of the weekend look forward to many good fall weekends to come.

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