Material Storage area update

The fill finally dried out enough to compact today. It froze up to approximately an inch last night. The roller was brought in this afternoon and after a quick repair on the vibratory switch it was rolled in two directions.

several ton vibratory roller

the film above cannot possibly clue you into how much this machine vibrates the ground. I went into my office and the place was shaking and making noises. The dog was whining trying to figure out what the heck was going on. After two directions this area should be well compacted and capable of pouring the concrete slab on. If you look at the picture below you will see the rectangle where the roller sat waiting for the mechanic to arrive. Just the weight alone of the drum is enough to bring up all the moisture from the ground.

dark rectangle is where roller sat
Kevin and I spent some time in the office today doing a mock up of the bins using pieces of paper. We then laid out our plan onto the pad. We have been unable to really get a good measurement onto the area because it was either not level and full of obstacles such as trees or stumps or the fill was too mushy to walk on. We discovered if we enlarged the bins from 12 feet wide to 14 feet it pushed them too close to the fairway. We then tried swapping the sides and putting the two bin side on the green side and we discovered that we could keep them at 14 feet and it was closer to the shop then the other way at 12 feet. This also allowed us to have access from the tee side which could prove beneficial for trucks. Overall it will be a better layout. We will remove a couple of trees that will now over hang the bins tomorrow and then we can proceed to build forms and hopefully pour next week.

new location for bins. opposite side of original thought

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