Weekend Weather update

To say we are having some severe weather in the northeast this year would be an understatement. Western Mass and actually from north western Rhode Island out to the Berkshires is under snow. Schools as well as Halloween has been cancelled. Even here on the Cape Halloween has been cancelled in some areas with all the downed power lines and lack of power. Closer to home on Martha's Vineyard it is business as usual. Yes we had some heavy winds and 2.6 inches or so of rain from Thursday through the weekend but that is not out of the norm for us. The golf course fared well with only a couple of trees coming down. One small pine near the 8th tee and another large one that is on the edge of the road and not fully down just coming up out of the ground. We will need a tree company to deal with that one because of its proximity to the power lines.

great aim as this tree fell on the side of the 8th tee

Dead pine snapped and leaner behind

Root ball coming out of ground notice cracks and heaving
The rest of the course was, yet again this year, covered in sticks, twigs, branches and leaves. Mike and Will were able to get the greens and tees cleared off for play Sunday, while Barry cut up the pine on the edge of the tee. Kevin was stranded off-island as the boats were cancelled from approximately 5pm sat - 10 am sun. I was in Kansas all weekend at the Golf Course Superintendents Association Delegates Meeting, more on that later. Today we manged to get most everything cleaned up and also mowed. No small task when you begin the day with a frost delay. Otis blew off all the roads then mowed some tees and aprons while Fred mowed all the fairways.

Flag pole lawn

pile behind 9 green

Practice putting green, all sticks so must be hand raked
All in all dodged another one where the damage was not severe and we did not receive any snow in October thankfully. Actually turned out to be a decent day in the 50's with no wind. A few hearty players took advantage.

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