Day in the Life

We are in that middle ground for season where the grass is still growing but not as much. We alter the mowing schedule and add to that some leaf chasing and the odd repair work and it fills our day quite nicely. As an example we mow greens daily in season and now maybe three-five times a week. Tees/Approaches and fairways are three times a week in season and now one to two times per week. For all areas except rough we first have to blow the leaves and sticks off. This becomes a challenge on windier days often requiring multiple attempts. We have seeded many weak or thin areas throughout the course and hopefully we get germination before we blow or mow the seeds away or winter sets. Another fall favorite is the mowing of the fescue areas. Our little blue stem (variety of fescue) is very healthy and often will create so much debris it must be picked up rather then blown into the woods or in the case of the picture below there is no real woods to blow this to:

Mike picking up debris behind 6 green
 Another favorite project that takes me off the course is the maintenance dredging of the jetty. This is done twice a year using an island contractor with an excavator and front loader. So far this week it has been mild and actually pleasant at times. There have been many times where it is a fast conversation with the contractor to get off the beach and the cold wind coming off the water.

Closing up the pond by creating the bridge

Steve Handy setting up laser

Lindsey directing the measurements

digging and hauling

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