Scenes from the course

As I drive around the property I notice little things that peak my interest. Sometimes turf related and sometimes just a part of nature that I find curious or interesting. We often have ground spiders that build webs on the turf that are often quite striking in the morning dew. I am sure the pictures will not do them justice but this one was about the size of a baseball in the tall grass on the right of number four:

ground spider web
other times it could be something kind of gross like a pile of turkey excrement on the seventh green:

dried out and pelleted you would be happy to spread it on turf but not like this
A salesman and I were chatting the other day about the seemingly absent red thread fungus. Being a wet year it appeared to be the perfect condition for it and so he was curious why no one had seen any. Not more than a day later it was everywhere. I took a picture and emailed it to him and he responded : "Woke up this morning to see my back lawn covered in the stuff". I thought there's poetic justice for you. Not a horrible disease and usually grows right out of the damage but just another observation made.

named for the red thread like mycelium when active
Lastly a picture from last year on golf club road where I noticed these shoes and decided they might make an interesting picture (has to be a story behind their abandonment) and a couple from this year where I noticed a lady slipper for the first time just off the second green.

Bert investigating the scene

Favorite part of spring is discovering these gems

Lady Slipper just off the 2nd green

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