"Putting the shines On"

Superintendent friend of mine calls the final touches of prepping a golf course "putting the shines on' or shining the gem. With the first big weekend upon us we are attempting to do just that. Been made much harder with the growth spurt and the wet morning conditions. seems we spend as much time cleaning up the clippings as we do mowing the place these days but this too shall pass.

clippings in the rough

clippings on the tire from the fairway
What makes the clippings a real pain is there is no where to drive to avoid them. In the morning the tires of your mower are wet and they build up there and then fall off in clumps and make a mess. The buffalo blower is getting a workout. What did we ever do without it? Adding to the clipping debris is the oak tassels or other tree debris. I told some people I should blog the following pictures with the heading: reason number 125 as to why Superintendents hate trees

six bunker with oak tassels

six green. just more work for the blower
Back to the shines. Kevin has been busy weeding the paths around the clubhouse and cart barn. We also spent some time pulling the shells out of the grass.

Kevin hard at work chasing the weeds or grass growing into path

Shells in grass

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