Town Water pumpstation Flow Meter Calibration on a windy day

The new Tisbury Water Works superintendent is having the flow meters calibrated of all the large volume user's . I hope it passes and they do not want to change the meter because when the gas company changed the gas meter on my house my bill has never been as low as before they changed it. Not that I distrust utility companies but who is selling what to whom? We have to have the flow meter connected to our well calibrated every year for the Commonwealth DEP because we have a registered well. I finalized this schedule today and we will turn on the system and do our PM on the pump and calibration on the 19th of April.

it was warm today at 57 so Bert was working up a thirst

Calibration equip. hooked up to flow meter

We decided to tackle more road work today by adding four more large dump trucks of rap to them. Basically 100 ton of material. Sounds like a lot but it does not go as far as you would think on 4+ miles of roads. We attack small sections at a time and get 2-5 yrs before we have to add again. We attempted to smooth out with the grader but could not get the repairs to take so Will has his work cut out for him to get that piece up and running, hopefully tomorrow.
We started the day and continued until about 4pm with heavy winds. 20-30 mph with gusts even higher. All boats were cancelled this morning. I took a quick video on my deck and this was not even the strongest part of the day. It kept me up from about 2:30 am this morning as the rocking chairs on the porch below were being tossed about. We managed with very little damage: an odd small tree on the sides of the road and many branches scattered about. You wonder why islanders do not panic when hurricanes are predicted: we get these blows about a half dozen times a year. Compared to today Earl was a gentle breeze and we shut the island down for that one last summer!

The bird seed was all blown away and even the flagpole was moving a bit. It was coming out of the south so at least it was warm. The things we have to put up with for warm air in the Spring.

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