5 Green Bunker re-do and new discoveries

We finally had a chance to start the renovation of the left green side bunker on number five. Kevin and I stripped the sod and saved what we could by rolling it up and putting it on pallets to be used somewhere else. We began hauling the sand built up on the face and stripping the grass hard to reach with the sod cutter. I think the pictures will say it all.

Kev rolling up the sod

not a lot of grass on this face. wonder how much sand is built up?

noonies and view from a distance

I guess that much sand... about a foot showing

bottom layer scooped out with bobcat from inside bunker

We took out around five or six dump truck loads of sand/grass etc

end of a good days work

took about two feet off the face of the bunker

bottom of pic found a valve and wires in box never knew was there.
The beauty of an old system without accurate maps or as-builts of the irrigation system is even after 15 plus years you still have new discoveries. We found this box on the edge of the bunker and where we stripped the sod. The valve we use is further down the hill towards four and directly off main line. The main line for your information is the original 1936 main line at a depth of 5-7 feet. So the key you need to shut this green off is at least 5 feet long and a pain in the butt to deal with. We have had problems with it recently and planned on replacing it. No easy task at the depth that it is buried. Chances are when they rebuilt this bunker the year before I came they hit this irrigation and when they repaired it they put in this valve and had the wire repairs in there as well. Never knew. It certainly tells us where the irrigation feed to this green is though. We also had a leak underneath this green in the fall of an old abandoned galvinised line fed off main line that we were hoping to locate so we could cap it outside the green while doing this bunker over. More on that as we start trying to find that pipe.

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