Spoiler alert 75th booklet

As many of you may know this is our 75th year as a golf club. Being founded/built in 1936. The article I was asked to write for the booklet being produced was about what makes MM special. One of the subjects touched on was the membership. Throughout the years we have always had special members that makes the character of the course what it is and has been. So this weekend as I was making one of my several trips a day by the bag room I notice Frank Cecilio sweeping up. I know Frank and play with him on weekends often so I asked him what he was doing and why. He simply said "sweeping up". "Had some time to kill, I do it a couple times a year". Kevin came by and proceeded to ask him if he was looking for work. I added I would be happy to train him on a few things. Just another day at Mink Meadows...

"just sweeping up"

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