All in a days work

Started the day with a killer frost. looked like it snowed

So while we waited for the frost to melt Kev and I headed over to the pump house to tackle some rust issues

The pump and panel are mounted on a metal skid that needs yearly love to stay ahead of rust

rust never sleeps

This Shrub was out by the Franklin street entrance. It was in the old sign bed and we decided to try and save it. we moved it with the backhoe and planted it here somewhere around 2004. It has survived quite well. Recycling is way more than just putting a can in a specific barrel.

Japanese Andromeda in front of pump house flowering

We spent the rest of the day in the bunker on 5. Almost there. We cleaned the faces, found the edges and expanded in some places. Dug a trench searching for the galvi line that is under the green and started to add topsoil. All that is left is to finish the topsoil add sand and then sod it. Also I believe I decided to add a second head to the green loop as a part circle going out for the rough so we will dig up the head right there and add another.

actually found the old plywood edge

top of trench is the plastic feed. no sign of a galvi line

almost there

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