The great flood or just a spring shower?

We had a good sized storm pass over us for most of the day yesterday. It was full of lightning, thunder and rainfall of around an inch an hour at times. It was quite the storm. One my mid-west friend would call a real frog strangler. Kevin and I drove the roads to see how we were holing up around nine thirty am, right at the height of the heaviest stuff. the water was everywhere.

Rt. side 1 green

Breech of material storage area... will head towards one approach

1 approach

2 blue tee and 1 approach

1st hole towards tee

parking lot wall

5 green bunker under construction. held up well considering

5 green after 4+ inches of rain

5 green bunker washouts on low side

bag room corner. this happens 2-3 times per year

starters gazebo. same thing we fight this after every big rain event no matter what we fill the trench with
As I was writing this I checked the weather station to see the latest total. When I hit the refresh button it blinked as it always does and then all the numbers changed as usual but instead of getting larger it went lower on both daily total and total since download. Very strange. I downloaded the data logger and printed the daily total by hour and from 9am on it was blank. Not sure if it was a one time glitch or something is really wrong. I figured if we survived all that lightning we were golden. After several refreshes throughout the storm to have it go haywire at the end of the day is a mystery. Anyway the last good recording was 4.33 inches. we just might have made 5inches by the end of the day. As the pictures showed we were pretty wet during the major deluge but when I checked a few things after lunch it was in good shape considering. Most standing water gone except for the normal low spots as you could see on 4. Dodged another one.

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