5 Bunker update and a few other tid-bits

We mowed Fairways and Tees and Aprons last week for the first time. We received 5 inches of rain Thursday and were able to mow most fairways on Friday. We even had carts out. The place was changing colors every hour on Friday. I made a few loops with a vendor as we took soil samples on a few greens and fairways. It was amazing to see the change so fast in one day.

first fairway mowing

Tree uprooted and blown across road Sunday morning
 We received another 1/2 an inch of rain sat night followed by some heavy wind. Enough wind to blow this tree right over. It was after midnight because Will had an alarm code for one of the MM landowners that he care takes for go off around then and he did not see it while coming in and out.
I heard CT received 2 inches over the weekend and we had our sod delivered today which was cut sun night. It was dripping wet and heavy as hell. The pallets were breaking and we lost two loads to this. Not fun to handle this stuff multiple times in a day. Kev and I persevered and managed to get the 5th bunker finished and we spread the leftover sod on some tarps to keep it from rooting and started prepping the left bunker on 7 green. We recruited my son Josh in the afternoon after he finished his shift at the Offshore Ale doing kitchen prep. Welcomed body as the pieces only seemed heavier as the day went on.

We will try to spread this sand later in the week

Bert doing a last minute inspection

Before pic. just getting started

taking off the sand build up on the face

We found this method to save a lot of time and labor to take these chunks off

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