Weather update

Not very timely but at this point still not sure if the membership has received the latest newsletter to be informed about this blog. Anyway the Northeast was hit with a large storm this week which made the news for a time and some may be curious as to how their summer residence fared. We were spared the worst of the storm and received almost an inch of rain instead. It snowed around 3:30 am then the rain came. By 6:30 it was mostly drizzle and two inches of slush and puddles with temps around 40. Maybe an inch or two of snow fell before the rain. Later in the day the winds picked up, the temp dropped and we received a dusting to an inch of snow. Overnight temps were below freezing so now we have this layer of ice with another dusting of snow on top of that. Yesterdays highs just above freezing so some melting but otherwise just an ice coating everywhere.
 Pictures from the apartment deck above pro shop towards one green and then parking lot

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