Osprey pole

We added an osprey pole to the course quite a few years ago. We first tried it on the seventh hole behind the sixth green. After a few years and no activity we moved it down to the outside corner of two because we had seen some activity in a pine tree in that area. We did see a little activity on the pole in this location but after five years or so nothing substantial. This fall we were approached by a landowner/member to see if we were interested in moving it off the course closer to the water. We said sure it was not working on the course and so we tied the move in with the fall beach project when we had an excavator on the beach to help set the pole back up. we took it down and moved it with our bobcat and then transferred it to the excavator who hauled it the rest of the way down the beach and set it in its new location. The pole moved approximately 200 yards but ended up traveling a couple of miles.

old location on number two

just as we entered east side of beach

view from east side of jetties

climbing up out of channel between jetties

traveling west down beach

climbing off beach into dunes

setting pole

final position

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