Seventh bunker cont...

Here is a close up of the rootmat: after years of sand blasted out of bunker the turf keeps growing and growing creating this mass of organic matter. Not a lot of sand and certainly no soil in this stuff.

We took the rootmat off one shovel full at a time. The idea was to save some of the sand on the face and re-use it on the bottom of the bunker to raise the floor. So the bunker will be a little wider and a little less deep ie easier to walk in and out of.

Kevin taking scoops of sand/spoils and putting into cart

Rough finished

If you look close you can see the black sprinkler sticking out of the left side of the bunker face
Rough finished

As Winter came in quick we were unable to do this prep to another bunker and decided to try and get sod to finish this one if we could. I received a call at noon on wed the 8th that sod was cut and would be available thur. So we had to go and finish prepping the bunker by raking it smooth and level.An impossible task when frozen, so we added a layer of topsoil and raked that smooth and filled the ruts from the dumptruck which were created monday when we added the sand. We were able to get sod Thursday Dec 9th although it was not delivered until around noon. Temps never rose to freezing and so the sod was frozen to itself. We had to carve the pieces off each other like trimming fat off a piece of beef. Made the job much more difficult than it had to be. After a couple hours we left a small amount for Fri and brought the remaining sod back to store in the heated shop so it would be pliable the next day. We managed to finish sodding the bunker but cutting in the edges was again interesting as the sod we laid thur had frozen. All worked out in the end.

finish prep. for sod

finish prep. for sod. long shadows in the winter afternoons

We also lowered the sprinkler head which was no doubt raised several times over the years to accommodate the raising grass level around it.

 Bunker at end of thursday with nails to hold sod in place until rooted.

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