Adventures of Belle - update. That bird gets around

If you follow this blog you may remember me showing you Belle the osprey. I found this phone app and then a website that lets you follow birds that have been outfitted with GPS tracking devices. It was great fun to watch Belle and others make their journey from South America back up to the North East. Well a couple of weeks ago, on my way to the homestead on the Cape, Belle was hanging out in Mashpee right where I drive, so I dragged my wife Cheryl to see if we could get a glimpse.

GPS is accurate

Was an osprey way out over this pond
The phone app showed Belle at this little water body right off the main road. We pulled in and drove right by it and headed to the big pond thinking it had to be wrong. We could hear an osprey flying over the pond so I took a picture and was disappointed in the accuracy of the GPS unit. As we drove out looking at the little mud puddle where it said she was we both saw an osprey fly right over. I pulled out onto Rt 130 and then pulled over hoping to see her again but did not. I have checked in on her over the last two weeks and the silly bird has been all over. She took a day trip out here and another to Chatham.

Trip to MV
Trip to Chatham

"Silly bird has been all over"

Gypsy Girl
It appears by the last update I grabbed above Belle has made a few trips out to Martha's Vineyard. After traveling all the way from South America a few miles everyday to explore around is no big deal. Our osprey who comes in and stays on one nest for the entire season seems dull by comparison. 

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