Greetings from the Sunshine State

(Editors note I started this in Orlando but had issues with loading pictures so completed today from office)
It has been a great vacation with perfect weather. The arrival to the Orlando area gave me the opportunity to visit with an old friend from my childhood before heading into the GIS conference. The show has been great and my presentation went very well. Here are a few snippets from Twitter:
Double Tweet. Original from professor facilitating the talk Dr. Soldat then Dave who is a turfgrass consultant in Calif.
Jesse is at Gull Lake CC in Michigan 
Kevin is the GCSAA field rep for the Northeast
Rick was a Super on the Cape. At least one person could see me!

I had to make a joke about the set up being geared for tall people("They did not bring me a box to stand on"). I was the only one with a portable microphone so I could walk around the podium so you could see me. I also had some fun on Twitter with Kevin's post and geography theme:

worst part of travel is dealing with weather
I decided to bail a day early to get ahead of the storm. Mostly because the weather after the storm was no picnic either with high winds forecast for several days. The snow totals ended up being lower but the winds wreaked havoc and we lost power for 5 hrs Thursday evening. I was glad I came home ahead of it but disappointed I missed that last planned day. It was an honor to be asked to present and it went well from all I have heard. It is encouraging to know that using less inputs may be more interesting to people. It is also humbling to be recognized for it on a national stage. My fellow presenters are two very sharp young men doing great things in the industry. I look forward to watching them as their careers continue to soar.
Jason posted his post show blog yesterday see it HERE It added perspective as he talks about it being his first show. I attended mine in 1993. I have yet to attend Canada's show however so he has me there.
On the local front we had some rain yesterday which took away some of the snow from Thurs. The temps are down and the wind is up but it looks like the storm predicted for today is staying north with just a few flakes falling. We have had a very mild winter thus far and maybe we can get back to that after this latest bout with snow and cold.

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